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Intra workouts are not specific, but generally refer to endurance based supplements best taken during the exercise or physical activity. Intra workouts usually work by providing muscles with more nutrients, giving you more energy while lowering fatigue. On top of increased physical performance, this is also very important to prevent injuries as well as protect against muscle wastage. Intra workout supplements often contain BCAAs, EAAs, electrolytes and quick acting protein and carbohydrates. It is often a blend of many ingredients previously listed and flavoured as a fruity beverage.

Intra workout provide your body with a variety of nutrients depending on your needs. For endurance athletes, a fully loaded formula containing bigger doses of carbohydrates is great for extended physical activity. As a supplement, intra workouts are able to deliver nutrients on top of fluid intake. Intra workout supplement are a great addition to your stack if you are having trouble at the gym, often feeling tired out, fatiguing earlier than you would like to. Intra workout will also help with protecting muscle wastage, while aiding recovery to slightly alleviate soreness after exercise. Try an intra workout supplement that is correctly dosed for you by asking one of our helpful staffs anytime!