BEAST – Supertest 45serves (Z)

BEAST – Supertest 45 servings

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Product Description

Product Name: BEAST – Supertest


Brand: Beast


Product Type: Testosterone Booster



Beast Supertest is an all new product designed to increase testosterone and nitric oxide levels in order to maximise lean muscle growth, muscle density and overall workout intensity. There is a Testosterone Support Complex which increases the amounts of testosterone to strengthen stamina, build muscle mass and increase sex drive. While a Nitric Oxide Support Complex works to provide nitric oxide to assist in improving muscle pump, delivering better nutrients to muscles and also lowering estrogen levels. Better yet, this product utilises a Detoxification Support Complex to detoxify the system so that your body can keep fit and healthy.


Key Features:

– Increased Testosterone Levels

 Maximise Muscle Density

– Nitric Oxide to Assist with Muscle Pump

– Lower Estrogen Levels

– Detoxify’s System


Preview of a Few Ingredients:

Testosterone Support Complex includes Puncture Vine extract, Suma powder, Ashwaghanda extract and Fenugreek extract to all boost testosterone levels, increase sex drive and improve energy levels.


Nitric Oxide Support Complex contains L-arginine, Agmantine Sulfate, and Di-arginine malate which help to maximise and maintain the high levels of nitric oxide in the muscles. This means more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the muscles and therefore a better muscle growth and muscle mass.


Detoxification Support Complex includes Milk thistle extract, cranberry extract and Cyanotis vaga extract which all aim at detoxifying the liver and kidneys to promote fat loss and muscle gain.



Directions of Use:

Use 1 (one) scoop with 300mL of water daily for a period of 12 weeks for maximum results.

BEAST - Supertest 45serves (Z)