Cellucor – C4 50x – 45 servings infocellulor-c4-50x-45-servings

Cellucor – C4 50x – 45 servings

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Product Description

Product Name: Cellucor – C4 50x – 45 servings


Brand: Cellucor


Product Type: Pre-workout / Stimulants (contains caffeine)

This is classed as a pre-workout with stimulants, this means it contains caffeine and neuro-stimulants to help mentally and physically boost your workout performance by increasing your focus and oxygen delivery to the rest of your body.



C4 50x is the same as the old c4 you know and love, except now with 50% more active ingredients for a bigger, better dosage and a killer of a gym session.



Beta alanine: Is known as a non-essential amino acid which is converted inside the body into a natural chemical compound known as carnosine. Carnosine has an important role in normal functioning of the body including the adequate functioning and development of the muscles, heart and many other organs. Carnosine increases physical endurance by providing electrical nerve signals to the required muscle groups. The fundamental role of beta alanine once conversion has occurred is to provide a barrier and reduce the accumulation of acidic residue during a workout. This assists in the reduction of lactic acid accumulation which contributes to a reduction in muscle fatigue.


Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange): Is a plant that is used to make medicine which has many important uses. Bitter orange is commonly used in supplement to improve appetite and promote weight loss. Bitter orange is also effective in regulating blood sugar levels and fat levels, stimulating circulation, purification of blood, preventing kidney and liver diseases and as a sedative for sleep disorders.


Creatine Nitrate: Is a form of creatine where the molecule is bound to a nitrate group. Creatine Is an organic, water soluble substance that forms the important building blocks of muscle and has an important role in supplying energy to muscle cells during high intensity activity. It is used as an energy source by the skeletal muscle which is one of the important building blocks of muscle. Creatine is naturally produced by the body and is found in small quantities in animal products. The body stores creatine until it is required to create ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is the substance used to manufacture energy. Creatine is often utilized during a high intensity exercise to enhance physical performance and increase muscle protein synthesis. Creatine doesn’t cause an increase in muscle fiber however, it does increase the water content of muscles making them appear larger. Over time, creatine can cause real fat free mass because of its strength building properties.  


Arginine AKG: Arginine is one of a number of ingredients that is necessary before a workout. This is because arginine improves the nitric oxide levels in the blood vessels thereby improving the oxygen carrying capacity of the capillaries and enhances the blood supply. A serving contains 1000 mg of arginine as Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate which according to research increase strength.


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): Contains 250 mg of vitamin C, which plays many roles in our body. The antioxidant and tissue-repairing properties are predominant roles of this water soluble vitamin. It is especially important to form collagen which is the basis of tissue, blood vessels and ligaments. It also decreases inflammation that is common among athletes after intense training.


L-Tyrosine: Is categorized as a non-essential amino acid which is found in most proteins and metabolically synthesized inside the body from an amino acid known as phenylalanine. The supplemental form of Tyrosine contains acetic acid which enhances the bioavailability and absorption rate. N-Acetyl L-tyrosine is the most commonly used form of supplement tyrosine due to the bioavailability. Tyrosine has an important role in the production of epinephrine and norepinephrine which are two hormones that regulate the bodies stress responses. When the body experiences stress, its ability to naturally synthesize tyrosine is inhibited which may result in a deficiency. Tyrosine supplementation may decrease the risk for deficiency and enhance performance and memory when the bodies under stress. Tyrosine is also required for the synthesis of brain chemicals such as serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which is known as the happy hormone because it enhances mood and restful sleep.


Caffeine: Is found naturally in tea, coffee and chocolate where it also comes in supplement form. Caffeine enhances mental alertness, reduces drowsiness and improves coordination.


Key features:

  • Builds strength
  • Maximises power
  • Provides for an explosive workout
  • Brings together nitrate with creatine


Directions for use:

Take one serving, mixed with 4-6 oz of water, 20 – 30 minutes prior to training.