Cyborg Sports – Reboot 1.45kg – 25servings

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Product Description



Product Name: Reboot


Brand: Cyborg


Product Type: Protein Powders / Mass Gainers / Post Workout Protein

Mass gainers is all about two things: building and maintaining muscle mass. This is a protein formula that will help you achieve your maximum potential by increasing muscle cell size and strength. It will give you the incredible maximal results you deserve when supplemented with a high calorie diet. This product is also perfect for anyone losing too much muscle from their daily activities and need additional calories to help sustain and improve their body weight. For people with a fast metabolism, this is one of the best products created to help you finally gain some of that muscle and weight you have been seeking.


This product is a supplement that contains multi-functional proteins to supply the muscles with amino acids at a sustained rate. It will nourish your muscles and body with BCAA’s, essential and non-essential amino acids, glutamine, fiber, and carbohydrates.



Cyborg reboot is the one and only product that completely addresses both the hormonal and nutritional components of post-workout nutrition. This all in one product is heaps more advanced than any other product in the same category. This product is suitable for anyone participating in high intensity activities. The entire formulation of reboot works in a circular motion to each enhance recovery and convert from catabolism back to anabolism.



Reboot contains a new type of protein known as zero protein which obtained its name because it contains no carbohydrates, fat, lactose or dairy. It is a mixture of pure instantized essential amino acids and hydrolysed collagen peptides. These collagen peptides were modified to offer 95% bioavailability. L-leucine has been added to improve the anabolic properties of the protein. Zero protein offers 25g of protein which is equivalent to approximately 50g of regular whey protein.


Reboot also contains 30g of a high molecular weight, low osmolality maltodextrin. This maltodextrin is manufactured specifically for sports performance and to accelerate digestion.  CinnulinPF has also been added to increase the efficiency of the carbohydrates. CinnulinPF is also referred to a cinnamon extract which assists in the regulation of glucose transport to deliver carbohydrates to the muscles more rapidly.


It also includes Ashwagandha extract which is a high strength adaptogen which lowers the cortisol the stress hormone by up to 30% and enhances endurance. Excess cortisol can have detrimental effects on the body both mentally and physically. During physical activity there is a spike in cortisol as the body and mind undergoes stressful situation where it is important to lower cortisol rapidly post-workout.


Key features:

  • Rapid recovery
  • Reduce cortisol levels


Directions for use:

Mix two (2) scoops with 300mL of water and consume immediately after completing your workout (post-workout) Can be taken as a meal replacement for breakfast and or whenever a meal replacement/protein is needed in the day.



Cyborg - Reboot 1.45kg - 25servings