Cyborg Sports – Rocket Fuel 3kg

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Product Description

Product Name: Cyborg sports – Rocket fuel


Brand: Cyborg sports

Product type: Carbohydrates



Rocket Fuel is an ultimate carbohydrate product that is sugar free and gluten free and is designed to enhance your physical performance. This product utilises KARBOLYN which contains a high tech composition which allows it to mobilise through the stomach more rapidly for easy digestion whilst also moving water and other nutrients along with it. Not only that but it also sustains energy for 2 hours which is much longer than glucose. This is best suited for those wanting a greater performance, endurance and recovery.


KARBOLYN was predominantly development for elite athletes participating in carb loading. This product was manufactured for athletes requiring optimal performance and to effectively load muscles with glycogen. Karbolyn is a homopolysaccharides which is made up of many monosaccharides combined together by glycosidic bonds. The large branched bonds are known as macromolecules. Karbolyn contains very distinctive properties where it has the ability to rapidly flow through the stomach also dragging water and other nutrients along with it. Pure Karbolyn was manufactured for the sole purpose of carbohydrate loading for athletes searching for a rapid, harmless way to easily load the muscles with glycogen.


Key features

  • Sustained energy levels for 2-hour training
  • Easy for Digestion
  • Sugar Free and Gluten Free
  • Enhances Overall Performance


Directions for use

Use 80g with protein and 400ml of water post training.


Cyborg Sports - Rocket Fuel 1.35kg - Unflavoured (Z)