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Designer Physiques – Pea 3kg

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Product Description

Product Name: Designer Physiques – Pea 3kg


Brand: Designer Physiques


Product Type: Protein Powders / Natural Protein / Pea Protein



Finding it difficult to incorporate enough protein into your diet everyday?


Pea Protein is then the product for you. Pea Protein is a supplement designed for vegans, vegetarians or even those who have certain allergies struggling to have sufficient protein. Pea Protein is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA)s and natural protein. With a low fat and carb content, it is one of the only products in the market to have a high alkalinity level of 7.5pH.


This supplement guarantees to boost your protein intake to on par with standard dietary requirements. Additionally, Pea Protein has one of the finest protein qualities you will find, due to the complex filtration processes it undergoes, to ensure a high quality extraction.


Key Features:

-protein source for vegans or vegetarians

-health maintenance



Use 1 (one) scoop or as required in 300mL – 500ml of water pre training and after training or when protein is required.