Designer Protien WPC Vanilla

Designer Physiques – WPC 750g

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Product Description

Product Name: WPC 750g


Brand: Designer Physiques



Looking for a high quality source of natural protein?


Then Designer Physique’s Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is the product for you! WPC is a rich source of not only high quality protein but also branched chain amino acids (BCAA)s. The whey protein concentrate is 100% and of high quality due to the intense cross-flow filtration process it has to undergo. This product has a high proportion of protein and is low on fat and carbs so you are not consuming any of those unnecessary ingredients or additives.


Easy to use, WPC instantly mixes in with a spoon, and is a great supplement for anyone looking for high quality at an affordable price.


Key Features:

-protein source

-health maintenance




Use 1 (one) scoop or as required in 300mL – 500ml of water pre training and after training or when protien is required.


Designer Protien WPC Vanilla