ehp labs isopept 2.29 kgEhp Labs – IsoPept 2.29kg (5.04lb)

Ehp Labs – IsoPept 2.29kg (5.04lb)

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Product Description

Product Name: EHP Labs – Isopept Zero


Brand: EHP Labs


Product Type: Protein Powders / Post Workout Protein / Whey Protein Blends / Whey Protein Isolate / Whey Protein Hydrolysate / Applicable for male and females

Build lean muscle, reduce muscle soreness and lose fat! This protein is available to be used by both male and females! This premium protein powder contains a unique blend of multiple types of proteins, each designed to be digested at different rates.

This type of protein is perfect for the fitness enthusiast who needs extra protein within their diet to help improve muscle endurance, strengthening and recovery. This protein can also be used by the average consumer as meal replacements and assistance in fat loss and muscle recovery. Because this protein is a multi-stage digesting protein, it allows the consumer to feel fuller for longer and helps supply a constant source of nutrients, helping fuel the body for a long period of time, generally up to three (3) or more hours. This protein blend has all the necessary components to re-boost energy levels and for efficient muscle recovery. It contains all the necessary BCAA’s/amino’s required as well as vitamins and minerals required for a meal replacement.



OxyWhey Lean Protein is used to manage weight as it can also be used to substitute meals acting as a real lifestyle protein, whereas IsoPept Zero is the answer for an ultimate post-workout protein!


The distinguishing difference between OxyWhey Lean protein and IsoPept Zero is the degree it is absorbed and utilised by your body.

OxyWhey is not only a premium blend protein but it also consists of Whey Protein Isolate,Whey Protein Concentrate and Micellar Casein which act as a 3-tier absorption system to benefit you by improving satiety and it sustains your hunger for longer which makes it extremely effective for weight loss patients.

The ingredients that OxyWhey contains in order to maximise its effectiveness as a fat burner include metabolism boosters, MCT oils, digestive enzymes and mood enhancers.

In contrast, IsoPept Zero is pre-digested to a certain degree which means a quicker recovery and maximal stimulus for muscle growth.

IsoPept Zero doesn’t require digestive enzymes as a result of the extremely effective filtration and hydrolysis process, and it is great for people who are lactose-intolerant with nearly no trace of lactose which ultimately means easier digestion!



Key Features:

  • Fat Burning
  • Sugar free
  • BCAA’s
  • Fast absorbing
  • Delicious taste


Directions of Use:

Mix 1 (one) scoop of IsoPept Zero with 6-8 ounces (300ml) of chilled water or fat free milk in a shaker bottle. Adjust liquid level to suit your desired taste and level of flavour intensity. Consume within 10 minutes post-workout as a fast absorbing protein source, or anytime of the day as your dietary needs require.