Endura – Gel Box of 20

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Product Description

Product Name: Endura – Gel Box of 20

Brand: Endura

Product Type: Electrolytes & Rehydration


Endura gel accommodates for those wanting to replace their lost nutrients. During exercise fluid and essential electrolytes are lost and if not replaced can damage muscle capacity and therefore performance.

Fuel is used by many world-wide champions because of its ability to rapidly and adequately replace fluids and electrolytes. Rehydration also contains 20g of carbohydrates per serve to provide that source of energy so that you can keep going for longer.

Along with carbohydates, Reydration also contains magnesium to assist with preventing muscle cramps and also relieving any pain associate with aches in muscles. Also, Endura have made a special formula so that it is easy to digest and not harsh on the intestines.

Key Features

– Contains Carbohydrates for Extended Energy

– Fights Muscle Cramps and Fatigue

– Easy to Digest

– Increases Exercise Capacity


Use one (1) satchel during exercise and use one additional satchel per every 45mins-1hr during excercise.


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