Evogen-EVP-pre-workout-infoEvogen – EVP 40servings

Evogen – EVP 40servings

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Product Description

Product Name: Evogen – EVP pre workout


Brand: Evogen


Product Type: Non stimulant pre-workout



EVP is the original hardcore non-stimulant pre-workout used by professional physique competitors around the world. Expect to be fuller, harder, and to train to your fullest potential with EVP.

The specialized ingredients in EVP result in a flood of enriching, blood-engorging nutrients into the muscle cell, causing an incredible increase in blood volume with a corresponding “swelling” of muscle tissues. EVP synergistically combines powerful proven, performance-boosting ingredients to deliver dramatic muscle-cell volumizing and fascia-stretching pumps. Within 20 minutes of consumption, your muscles will be maximally engorged with vein-popping, nutrient-rich blood.

Key Features:

  • Stimulate protein synthesis to ignite the body’s muscle-building machinery
  • Increase training performance by supporting cellular energy pathways
  • Support increased muscle cell volume for massive muscle pumps
  • Enhance mental focus without the use of stimulants, for subtle but intense and improved concentration


Consume 1 scoop 15-20 minutes prior to training on empty stomach. Mix with 4-6 oz cold water per scoop. Store in a cool dry place. For best results, use within 60 days of breaking the seal. Never store on top of refrigerator.

FOR 100-150lb athlete » 1.0 scoop

FOR 150-200lb athlete » 1.5 scoops

FOR 200lb+ athlete » 2 scoops

Optional: For prolonged, high-intensity exercise, consume and additional 1/2 of recommended pre-workout serving mid-workout for maximul performance-boosting and recovery benefits.