GAT – Jetfuel 40 servings

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Product Description

Product Name: GAT Jetfuel


Brand: GAT


Product Type: Fat Burner / Stimulants (contains caffeine)

This is classed as a fat burner with stimulants, this means it contains caffeine and neuro-stimulants to help mentally and physically boost your workout performance by increasing your focus. This fat burner will also greatly assist in helping reduce fat lost through boosting metabolism and transferring fat cells back into usable energy for the body to utilise, therefore resulting in fat loss.



GAT has designed the most extraordinary thermogenic fat loss powder which provides essential ingredients for promoting lean muscle mass and energy. Jetfuel is the most effective and high strength fat burner available with minimal negative effects observed. This incredible formula was designed to burn body fat, increase stamina, optimise concentration and promote long lasting energy through the use of high quality ingredients. This product increases your basal metabolic rate which increases energy levels and forces your body to burn more calories per day. The added fat metabolisers assist with transporting stored body fat into muscle cells to be utilised for energy.



Caffeine: Is found naturally in tea, coffee and chocolate where it also comes in supplement form. Caffeine enhances mental alertness, reduces drowsiness and improves coordination.


Niacin: Also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid which is a water soluble vitamin used by the body to form the coenzymes nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate. These two enzymes are important in the catabolism and in the production of metabolic energy and in the biosynthesis of carbohydrates and fats.


American Ginseng: Is a North American Herb that functions as a stimulant, stress reliever and an immunity booster. It is used to treat a variety of common ailments including viral and bacterial infections, loss of appetite, inflammation, diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, insomnia, nerve pain, dizziness and nervous tension. American Ginseng improve mental alertness and enhances athletic performance. It contains chemicals known as ginsenosides that affect insulin levels in the body and lower blood sugar.


Green Tree extract: Acts as a powerful fat burner and antioxidant. Green tree extract includes important compound which maintain the activity of adrenaline and catecholamine’s which are combined to enhance fat loss. It also includes catechins which enhances thermogenesis which enhances weight loss.


Synephrine HCI: Is a naturally occurring alkaloid chemical compound found in plants that is extracted for use medicinally. Bitter orange is the most common Synephrine plant used for supplements. Bitter orange is utilised to help with gastrointestinal issues including nausea, indigestion and constipation. Bitter orange is currently used to promote weight loss and fat burning because it helps increase the body’s metabolic rate and increases lipolysis. It also works as an appetite suppressant and enhances glucose uptake by skeletal muscle.


Bioperine: Is an extract obtained from the black pepper fruit that is cultivated in the regions of Southern India. It functions in enhancing the bioavailability of various other supplements through increased absorption.


Rhodiola Rosea: The effects of both Schisandra Chinensis and Withania Somnifera are enhanced in combination with Rhodiola Rosea. Rhodiola Rosea provides effects on neurotransmission including serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline. This herb is an effective anti-catabolic which protects against muscle/protein breakdown and offers anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.


Evodiamine: Is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is implements for gastrointestinal ailment, hypertension, fluid retention and obesity. The chemical in Evodiamine have various effects on the body. They diminish pain and inflammation, decrease blood pressure and promote weight loss.


Octopamine HCI: Is a biogenic amine that is produced via the amino acid tyramine through the enzyme tyramine beta hydroxylase. It functions within the norepinephrine aspects of the brain where it effects the receptors and increases the levels of norepinephrine. Octopamine is utilised for fat loss and maintaining a healthy weight.


Vinpocetine: Is an alkaloid derived from the periwinkle plant that is utilised in the treatment of epilepsy and cognitive decline. The functions of Vinpocetine include neuroprotection, reducing inflammation and protecting the cardiovascular system.


C AMP: Is a derivative of adenosine triphosphate and is a second messenger used for intracellular signalling such transferring the hormones glucagon and adrenaline into cells which cannot pass through the plasma membrane. It also functions in the regulation of the effects of glucagon and adrenalin and regulates the function of ion channels.


Magnolia Bark extract: Is an herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is utilised to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. Magnolia bark has been used to treat various conditions including abdominal pain, abdominal bloating, loss of appetite, vomiting, asthma, abdominal distension, nausea and indigestion. Magnolia bark also acts similar to cortisol which lowers stress, controls blood sugar and reduces other stress related disorders.


L- Carnitine: Is an amino acid that is naturally produced inside the body which converts triglycerides into mitochondria which are oxidized to produce energy where in return burns body fat. The body can convert L-carnitine into other amino acids known as Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Propionyl-L-Carnitine. Carnitine also boosts recovery where the majority of carnitine pools inside the skeletal muscles. L-carnitine supplementation is implemented to increase levels in those whose natural levels of carnitine are low. Natural L-carnitine levels may be low because of a genetic disorder, certain medications, medical procedures, strict vegetarian diets and dieters. L-carnitine is beneficial in conditions relating to the cardiovascular system including congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, myocardial infarctions and chest pain.


L- theanine: Is an amino acid that is known to promote relaxation and reduce stress.


Key features

  • Thermogenesis
  • Fat loss
  • Increase Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Transport fat into muscle cells


Directions of Use:

Consumed daily. Follow directions on nutritional label found on the product for best results.

Use one (1) scoop and consume with 300ml of water 30minutes prior to exercise. To maximise results, consume an additional one (1) scoop with 300ml of water daily in the morning.



GAT - Jetfuel 40 servings