gentec creapure nutrition infoGEN-TEC – Creapure 500g

GEN-TEC – Creapure 500g

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Product Description

Product Name: GEN-TEC – Creapure 500g


Brand: GEN-TEC


Product Type: Creatine Monohydrate



Micronized creatine is the most bio-available form of creatine monohydrate (CM) due to faster absorption and greater total uptake of the fine creatine molecules. Creatine is responsible for improving performance in high intensity exercise, increasing energy, strength, increasing lean muscle mass and speeding up recovery rates. When consumed in supplement form CM stores in muscle cells as creatine phosphate (CP). CP is then instant energy store for conversion of Adenosine DI Phosphate (ADP) to Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP). This is called the phosphate energy system. Any high intensity exercise which last for 10 seconds or less uses this energy system. For example: Creatine is the only fuel source for a 100-yard sprint, jump, leap, tackle, throw, run kick, single or double lift etc. Carbohydrate and fat doesn’t supply energy for muscle contraction fast enough in these situations. In addition to creatine’s positive role as an energy source stored creatine draws extra water “into” muscle cells thereby increasing muscle size and fullness. Larger, fuller cells also have greater leverage directly increasing strength. The water cell volumising effect of creatine supplementation helps increase protein synthesis while minimizing muscle breakdown. All of this adds up to greater energy, strength and muscle growth.

Gentec especially creates a creatine monohydrate that is pure, high quality and is micronized up to 320 mesh, ensuring the best absorption and results.


For best results, use Creapure in its suggested cycle. First use in a “loading phase” of 7 days of approximately 30g/day (per 100kg of athlete). Then use in a “maintenance phase” of 7 weeks, use between 5g- 15g depending on training intensity. On non-training days, use 5g upon rising. On training days, use 5g 30mins prior to training and 10g immediately after.

Alternatively, use 10g 30min before training and 10g after training.

Consume by mixing the powder into water.