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Giant Sports – Oxidrene 30 Capsules

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Product Description

Product Name: Giant Sports oxidrene 30 capsules

Brand: Giant Sports

Product Type: Fat Burner / Stimulants (contains caffeine)

This is classed as a fat burner with stimulants, this means it contains caffeine and neuro-stimulants to help mentally and physically boost your workout performance by increasing your focus. This fat burner will also greatly assist in helping reduce fat lost through boosting metabolism and transferring fat cells back into usable energy for the body to utilise, therefore resulting in fat loss.



This product, Giant Sports Oxidrene is the ultimate stimulant thermogenic, with its strong blend of stimulants that boost energy and metabolism. Oxidrene allows you to become leaner and achieve a more defined physique. Every capsule consists of 250mg of caffeine with a combination of other high stimulant components in the form of Eria Jarenis and Bitter Orange Extract. The combination of these ingredients provide a burst but sustained boost to energy levels which will keep you more focused to train and manage your diet.

Other ingredients such as green and white tea extracts will aid and boost your metabolism to keep you burning energy and calories. Last but not least, another ingredient that Oxidrene contains is Chinese Wolfberry with a combination of other stimulants that help to suppress appetite levels saving you from giving into temptation to  those sweet treats. Grapefruit extract also aids to ensure that all the ingredients are absorbed more effectively into your body for the maximum effect. If you’re looking to lose fat and staying energised for longer than Oxidrene is the answer you’ve been waiting for!


Key Features:

  • Maximises optimal fat loss
  • Increases focus
  • Enhances performance
  • Control blood sugar levels


Directions of Use:

Take one measured dose in the morning with 250-400ml of water or caffeine free beverage. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water during the day and whilst training or any strenuous activity. Do not consume more than one measured dose within a 24 hour time frame.