iSatori – BIO-GRO 120servings

iSatori – BIO-GRO 120servings

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Product Description

Product Name: iSatori – BIO- GRO


Brand: iSatori


Product Type: General Health / vitamins / minerals



ISatori are the first company to announce a new compound known as bio-active peptides in their Bio-Gro supplement. This supplement is an absolute game changer because of the high quality bio-active peptides included in its composition. Bio-Gro is like a fertiliser for your muscles. The Bio Active Peptides that are only incorporated into Bio-Gro work best when consumed daily and act as the base of any training program. They incorporate an original manufacturing method where chopped protein fragments are removed from the highest quality bovine colostrum which are then micro-concentrated to produce a highly bioavailable, low molecular weight powder.


Bio Active Peptides are more concentrated compared to regular protein powder where one small scoop of Bio-Gro contains 25g of whey protein concentrate. This makes Bio-Gro nearly half the expense of regular whey protein powders. They are more convenient and mixes into almost everything from your supplements or even soft foods.


Bio-Gro was manufactured to enhance the physiological function of the body to a higher capability than it previously could. It assists the body by signalling and accelerating the rate at which it processes protein synthesis. By accelerating the rate of protein synthesis, you have the ability to develop lean body mass more rapidly. Bio-Gro reduces recovery time after intense exercise or weight training and optimises the body’s ability to synthesise protein. This product also contains the bioactive peptides known as immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, growth factors and fibroblasts.


Key features

  • Recovery
  • Strength
  • Muscle gains


Directions for use:

Mix 2-3 servings twice daily in either pre-workout, protein, amino beverage and mix thoroughly. Can also be mixed into soft foods including cereal, oats or yoghurt.

iSatori - BIO-GRO 120servings