JD Nutraceuticals – Muscle Salvation 60servings NutritionalJD Nutraceuticals – Muscle Salvation 60servings

JD Nutraceuticals – Muscle Salvation 60servings

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Product Description

Product Name: JD Nutraceuticals – Muscle Salvation 60 servings

Brand: JD Nutraceuticals

Product Type: Amino Acids / Essential Amino Acids

This product is classed as an Essential Amino Acids blend. It is designed to help athletes develop muscle and can be used as a substitute for whey protein or any protein. This product allows 99% of the essential amino acids it contains to be synthesised with muscle tissue.


Muscle Salvation by JD Nutraceuticals is a premium blend of Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) that is made from the highest quality ingredients on the market! Muscle Salvation by JD Nutraceuticals is vegan friendly, gluten, carb fat and lactose free so you can be sure to enjoy your EAA’s without any of the nasties! Muscle Salvation by JD Nutraceuticals is a perfect protein source and it will ensure that you are closer to your goals with building more lean muscle. Muscle Salvation by JD Nutraceuticals is different to many other EAA’s out there on the market as it is made from 100% bioavailable whey protein and therefore it is 100% absorbed into the body and no protein is lost. Muscle Salvation by JD Nutraceuticals keeps you anabolic and helps you recover from an intense training session, it also helps you build lean muscle. So if you’re looking for a carb, lactose, fat and gluten free Essential amino acid that will help you recover quicker and help you build lean muscle than try Muscle Salvation by JD Nutraceuticals! You won’t regret it!

Key Features:

-Promotes muscle growth

-Enhances muscle recovery

-Improves muscle repair

-Stabilizes blood glucose levels

-Assists in fat loss


Directions of Use:

Use one (1) scoop with 250ml of water before training and one (1) scoop after training with 250ml of water. Can also be used as another source of protein. Can be consumed multiple times a day for more protein consumption and recovery.



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