Ketologic Meal Replacement – 20servingsKetologic Meal Replacement – 20servings Nutritional

Ketologic Meal Replacement – 20servings

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Product Description

Product Name: Ketologic Meal Replacement – 20 servings

Brand: Ketologic

Product Type: Protein Powders / Breakfast Protein / Meal Replacement / Post Workout Protein / Whey Protein Blends / Applicable for male and females


Ketologic Meal Replacement is an all natural meal replacement shake that offers convenience at your fingertips as it helps support and maintain ketosis or a low carb diet commonly known as a keto diet. With absolutely nothing artificial, you can be sure that Ketologic Meal Replacement is nothing but all natural as it contains no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours. Ketologic Meal Replacement is specifically formulated to support a high ketone diet with only 4 grams of carbohydrates combined with the highest quality protein and fat sources available. The key ingredients in Ketologic Meal Replacement is protein, MCT and Coconut oil as this combination helps to support your appetite and blood sugar regulation by providing a high quality fuel source to support a low carb diet such as a keto diet. If you’re looking for a low carb meal replacement shake that tastes phenomenal and provides high quality fuel source to keep you going throughout the day than Ketologic Meal Replacement is what you need!

Key Features:

-High quality protein

-No artificial sweeteners or flavours

-Supports a keto diet

-Controls appetite

– Contains only 4 grams of carbohydrates

-Supports blood sugar regulation

– Provides fuel source for low carb diets

 Directions of Use:

Mix 1 scoop with 180ml to 240ml of water based on your own personal taste preference. Shake well and consume slowly.


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