Maxs - Maxines Yumm Bar 50g - Box of 12
Maxs – Maxines Yumm Bar 50g – Box of 12Maxs – Maxines Yumm Bar 50g – Box of 12 Nutritional Panel

Maxs – Maxines Yumm Bar 50g – Box of 12

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Product Description

Product Name: Maxine’s Yumm Bar 50g- Box of 12


Brand: Maxines


Product Type: Food and Drink / Protein Bars / Cookies



If you love Maxine’s Burn Bars, then you will love the new range of Maxine’s Yumm Bars, it’s in the name, this yummy little snack will help you lose weight and keep you staying away from the closest chocolate bar as it tastes phenomenal! Maxine’s Yumm Bars help enhance muscle recovery and increase energy levels to keep you going throughout the day! Maxine’s Yumm Bars are a quick and convenient little snack to have on the go or after a workout as it helps burn fat. You won’t regret treating yourself with this ‘healthy’ little snack!


Key Features:

-fat burner

-carbohydrate blocker

-weight loss

-protein shake replacer

-boosts energy levels

-enhances muscle recovery



Consume this snack in between meals or after your work out.