MTS – Drop Factor – 60 servings

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Product Description

Product Name: MTS Drop Factor 60 servings

Brand: MTS

Product Type: Fat Burner / Stimulants (contains caffeine)

This is classed as a fat burner with stimulants, this means it contains caffeine and neuro-stimulants to help mentally and physically boost your workout performance by increasing your focus. This fat burner will also greatly assist in helping reduce fat lost through boosting metabolism and transferring fat cells back into usable energy for the body to utilise, therefore resulting in fat loss.



MTS Drop Factor is a clinically dosed thermogenic fat loss formula designed to aid release and transport fat from your fat cells. This product is formulated to increase your metabolism rate which allows an increase in energy levels and pushes your body to burn more calories during the day. Stimulants such as caffeine and synephrine supports your body to release fat from your fat cells, meanwhile the antioxidant blend decreases the storage of fat and allows more fat to be burnt while exercising. If you’re looking to burn fat, MTS Drop factor is most definitely the answer!

Key Features:

  • Thermogenic
  • Fat loss
  • Caffeine stimulated
  • Increases energy levels


Directions of Use:

Manufacturer recommends to take twice a day. Take 1 scoop with water 30 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach. The second serve to be taken 6 hours later and 30 minutes before eating.