MP – Arnold Iron Dream 30serves (Z)

Muscle Pharm – Arnold Iron Dream 30 servings

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Product Description

Product Name: Muscle Pharm – Arnold Iron Dream 30 servings


Brand: Muscle Pharm


Product Type: Sleep Support

This supplement is essential for acquiring your training goals as it contains natural ingredients to improve your rest, recovery and relaxation, which is vital in the strengthening and support of lean muscle mass. The supplement enhances the quality of sleep by stimulating the release of growth hormone, dopamine and testosterone to ensure a deep and calming sleep.



An intense workout, healthy diet and a deep sleep come hand in hand in order to maximise your muscle strength. During sleep, your body is able to absorb nutrients, self heal and relax. With this product, your sleep patterns will improve so that you are allowing your muscles to rest.


There are three matrixes that will assist you in this, the recovery matrix, the night growth matrix, and the ZMA complex. The Recovery matrix contains BCAA’s, glutamine and fenugreek to assist with muscle recovery.


The Night Growth matrix helps with testosterone support, whilst the ZMA complex contains magnesium, vitamin B6, and zinc to help induce restful sleep.


Key Features

– Night Time Recovery

– Improved Sleep Patterns

– BCAA’s


Directions of Use:

Mix one (1) scoop with 250ml of water and consume 30 minutes before bed. Tolerance should be assessed by consuming ½ a scoop with 250ml of water for the first few days of use.

MP - Arnold Iron Dream 30serves (Z)