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Nuts n More – Peanut Butter spreads 454g

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Product Description

Product Name: Nuts n More – Peanut Butter spreads 454g


Brand: Nuts n More


Product Type: Protein Dips/Sauce/Spread

This delicious spread takes the delicious peanut butter you know and love and combines it with the goodness of protein! Yes, it’s not a dream! Available in assorted fun and delicious flavours!



Introducing Nuts n More the new fun and delicious whey to enjoy peanut butter and get more protein in your diet.
That’s right you read it right Nuts n More have formulated a delicious peanut spread containing whey protein isolate and Omega 3 essential healthy fatty acids derived from flaxseed making this the best new healthy way to enjoy your favourite spreads.
Also available in a huge variety of fun and exciting flavours!


Key Features

  • High in Protein
  •  High in Omega 3’s
  • Tastes great
  • Variety in delicious fun flavours

Directions of Use:

Each recommended serving is 2 tablespoons (32g) and can be spread or mixed into any food/beverage of choice. More can be consumed depending on individual preference or needs.



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