Optimum – Glutamine 1000g (Z)

Optimum – Glutamine 1000g

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Product Description

Product Name: Optimum – Glutamine 1000g


Brand: Optimum


Product Type: Amino Acids / L-Glutamine

Taking this supplement significantly speeds the muscle recovery process and prevents protein catabolism.  Increasing L-glutamine levels, which are normally low post-exercise, to an optimal level can then allow protein synthesis to take place and improve muscle stamina.



Glutamine is the most abundant amino acids in the body with 60% of its concentration found in skeletal muscles. It is involved in protein synthesis and therefore muscle tissue development.


During intense exercise, glutamine levels in our body lower and can even be depleted. This means after workout, if there are low glutamine levels, decreased muscle mass may occur.


This is where glutamine 100% comes in, to help replenish those levels and promote muscle recovery and growth. Glutamine works by increasing protein synthesis in muscles as well as increasing the rate of muscle recovery. Which in the long run – means an increased muscle mass and volume.


With an enhanced and rapid muscle recovery, you then allow for your muscles to be rejuvenated back to optimal conditions for further training the next day.


Key Features

– Pure L-Glutamine

– Promotes Muscle Recover

– Reduces Muscle Soreness

– Improves Immune System



Glutamine: Normally post-workout, glutamine an amino acid found in your skeletal muscles decreases in concentration, thus it is highly important to replenish its stores. This is because glutamine is essential for gaining muscle mass due to its function of promoting protein synthesis and minimizing the breakdown of muscle. It also has the added benefits of enhancing the immune system and assisting the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.


Directions of Use:

Mix one teaspoon (5g) of Glutamine powder with 250mL of water or any desired beverage. 10g split into 2 doses daily for ideal maximum recovery.

Optimum - Glutamine 1000g (Z)