5a_hydroxy_laxogenin nutritional factsPlatinum Labs – Essentials 5a – Hydroxy – Laxogenin 60 serves

Platinum Labs – Essentials 5a – Hydroxy – Laxogenin 60 serves

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Product Description

Product Name: Platinum Labs 5a Hydroxy-Laxogenin


Brand: Platinum Labs


Product type: Testosterone Booster/ Estrogen Blocker


This is classed as a Testosterone Booster designed to “naturally” increase your body’s ability to produce testosterone. This product contains a powerful formula that primarily targets and increase of the body’s natural circulating testosterone levels allowing one to acquire lean muscle mass and an improved muscle strength, power and endurance. Added benefits of testosterone include enhanced sexual performance, and an overall better wellbeing and health.


Platinum Labs 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin is a testosterone booster that will increase muscle growth and also increase your recovery from training. Hydroxy Laxogenin has been proven to aid with a healthy recovery and reduce the wastage of muscle. Platinum Labs 5a Hydroxy Laxogenin will allow your body to transform into an anabolic state through a non-hormonal path aiding protein synthesis. The key benefit of protein synthesis is that it helps aid muscle growth and helps you recover quicker.

 Key features

  • Sleep better
  • Increases muscle growth
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Plant based


Directions for use

Manufacturer recommends for optimal results take one scoop upon waking and one scoop before bed in water or mixed in your favourite beverage.