Platinum Labs – Anabolic Triad – 30servings

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Product Description

Product Name: Platinum Labs – Anabolic Triad


Brand: Platinum Labs


Product type: Amino Acids / D-aspartic / Testosterone Booster

This is classed as a Testosterone Booster designed to “naturally” increase your body’s ability to produce testosterone. This product contains a powerful formula that primarily targets and increase of the body’s natural circulating testosterone levels allowing one to acquire lean muscle mass and an improved muscle strength, power and endurance. Added benefits of testosterone include enhanced sexual performance, and an overall better wellbeing and health.



Platinum labs is never satisfied with a product unless it’s more powerful than anything other supplement. Anabolic triad was high researched to determine whether it would be a leader in the support of testosterone levels. Platinum Labs used only the most highly quality ingredients which will increase testosterone levels, increase sex drive and increase protein synthesis. Once you first start using anabolic triad, you will never choose anything else again.



Bulbine Natalensis extract: Research has shown that this ingredient is proven to enhance testosterone levels by over 300% and also has positive effects on sexual function, sex drive, luteinizing hormone and the body’s ability to efficiently heal itself.


Laxogenin:  Assist with putting your body into an anabolic state via a non-hormonal pathway boosting protein synthesis. Research shows that this ingredient increased protein synthesis by over 200%. Protein synthesis is essential for muscle growth, strength and recovery.


Dihydroxybegramottin: This supplement increases the bioavailability and half-life of medications. This compound enhances all the anabolic ingredients and increase their potency allowing you to stay in an anabolic state much longer


Key features

  • Boost testosterone
  • Enhance muscle strength and recovery
  • Promotes anabolism


Directions for use

Mix 1 (one) scoop with 250mL of water and consume immediately in the morning than consume second scoop in the afternoon. Consume two scoops daily.


Platinum Labs - Anabolic Triad - 30servings