Platinum Labs – Defcon1 30 servings

Platinum Labs – Defcon1 30 servings

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Product Description

Product Name: Platinum Labs – Defcon1


Brand: Platinum Labs


Product Type: Pre-workout / Stimulants (contains caffeine)

This is classed as a pre-workout with stimulants, this means it contains caffeine and neuro-stimulants to help mentally and physically boost your workout performance by increasing your focus and oxygen delivery to the rest of your body.



Defcon 1 is the ultimate pre-workout designed to provide you with insane pumps and explosive energy. This supplement contains 15 powerful ingredients that make it perfect for an intense workout session, and to help maximise your muscle gains. This formula also contains creatine HCL to increase your ATP production rates and provide more energy for your muscles. Better yet, it contains a vast range of vasodilators and nitric oxide boosters to provide more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles? It also works to enhance your mood ensuring you’re mentally driven and focused to train hardcore.


However unlike other products, Defcon 1 won’t give you the jittery feeling effect or a post-workout crash and burn occurrence due to the presence of theobromine, phenethylamine and caffeine anhydrous, natural stimulants that improve your energy levels and mental focus for longer.


How exactly does all this work?

Defcon 1 contains agmatine, beet extract, citrulline and trimethylglycine to help stimulate vasodilation and therefore provide an improved supply of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.


L-Dopa, the key substance to enhance your mood is found in a variety of substances incorporated into this formula such as citicholine, tryptophane, tyrosine and mucuna pruriens.


Additionally, beta alanine is included to fight fatigue and prevent the build up of lactic acid to boost muscle stamina and endurance.


Key Features

– Creatine Nitrate

– Intense Pumps

– Increase Concentration and Focus

– No Crash


Directions of Use:

Use one (1) scoop and consume with 300ml of water 30minutes prior to exercise.

Platinum Labs - Defcon1 30 servings