Ronnie Coleman – Yeah Buddy 30 serves

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Product Description

Product Name: Ronnie Coleman – Yeah Buddy 30 serves


Brand: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series


Product Type: Pre-workout with stimulants



Ronnie Coleman Yeah Buddy Pre-workout is the ultimate in extreme energy and killer mental alertness levels. Ronnie Coleman Yeah Buddy will help you work out at a much higher intensity for a longer period of time. Combine the explosive effects of Yeah Buddy with a dedicated training schedule as well as balanced diet and other supplements, you’ll get to lift with the big boys in no time.


Preview of ingredients:

Adhatoda Vasica: has a bronchodilator like effects, meaning it opens up breathing pathways to allow for more oxygen intake.

TeaCrine: a clinically tested energy compound which increases energy production, lessens discomfort to allow for above and beyond mental and physical performance.

L-Citrulline: a naturally occurring amino acid which helps to increase supply of natural ingredients the body needs in order to generate specific proteins. L-citrulline also dilates veins and arteries to increase blood flow.

Choline Bitartrate: Choline is important for cell membranes and for the production of acetylcholine, key for memory and muscle control as it allows nerve cells to “communicate” with each other

Yomimbine HCL: a natural extract from Yohimbine bark, it is a mild Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor with stimulating and aphrodisiac effects.


Mix 1 scoop of the product with sufficient fluids inside a shaker bottle or cup, mix or stir well until powder is fully dissolved. Consume at least 20 minutes prior to workout.