Scitec Fiber Enzymes 30 satchels nutritional panelScitec – Fiber Enzymes 30satchels

Scitec – Fiber Enzymes 30satchels

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Product Description

Product Name: Scitec – Fiber Enzymes- 30 satchels


Brand: Scitec

Product Type:  Vitamins and Minerals/ Digestion


Scitec Fiber Enzymes by Scitec is a great product that aids with digestion as it is made from the highest quality plant ingredients. Scitec Fiber Enzymes by Scitec is a great source of fiber and it is an unflavoured supplement so you can add it to your favourite shakes or smoothies! Scitec Fiber Enzymes by Scitec is a quick and convenient way to enjoy a supplement that is high in fiber as it comes in loose sachets so it saves the hassle from using a scoop! Scitec Fiber Enzymes by Scitec contains 3 grams of Beta-glucans and vitamin C. It is well known that vitamin C gelps to protect cells from oxidative stress and it also aids in normal collagen formation to the normal function of teeth, ski, gums, blood vessels and bones. Scitec Fiber Enzymes by Scitec is a great supplement to help with ease of digestion and it is also a great source of fiber!

Directions of use:


Manufacturer recommends to add one serving (1 sachet) to your favourite drink a day (a protein shake is recommended).




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