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Victory Labs – Doom 30servings

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Product Description

Product Name: Victory Labs Doom Pre-workout 60 serves

Brand: Victory Labs

Product Type: Pre-workout with stimulants


If you’re looking for a strong pre-workout that keeps you focused and gives you incredible energy than look no further than Victory Labs Doom Pre-workout as this product enhances your focus and gives you sustained energy. Victory Labs Doom Pre-workout contains 400mg of caffeine and with its ultra-clean formula containing beta alanine, creatine monohydrated, citric acid, argmatine sulphate and AMPiberry, this combination of ingredients will keep you training harder and longer at the gym and bring you closer to your performance goals! The goodness of Victory Labs Doom doesn’t stop here, as this pre-workout helps optimise your strength and increase your energy levels however minus the crash! So if you’re looking for a pre-workout that works and one that will enhance your focus and make you feel energised at the same time than look no further because Victory Labs Doom is the ultimate answer!

Preview of ingredients:

Adhatoda Vasica: has a bronchodilator like effects, meaning it opens up breathing pathways to allow for more oxygen intake.

TeaCrine: a clinically tested energy compound which increases energy production, lessens discomfort to allow for above and beyond mental and physical performance.

L-Citrulline: a naturally occurring amino acid which helps to increase supply of natural ingredients the body needs in order to generate specific proteins. L-citrulline also dilates veins and arteries to increase blood flow.

Choline Bitartrate: Choline is important for cell membranes and for the production of acetylcholine, key for memory and muscle control as it allows nerve cells to “communicate” with each other

Yomimbine HCL: a natural extract from Yohimbine bark, it is a mild Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor with stimulating and aphrodisiac effects.


Manufacturer recommends mixing 2 scoops with 200-300ml of water 30 minutes prior to training.  Consume no more than 3 scoops per day.


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