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Protein supplements offer us an incredible opportunity to achieve our daily protein targets in a quick and easy way! Adding extra protein into your diet can support your body and mind, supplying building blocks to repair cells, all while keeping you satisfied for longer in between meals.

By listening to our amazing community and learning about unique health situations and nutritional needs, we were inspired to create Tasteless Protein , a 100% natural collagen protein that can be mixed into 99% of all food and drinks!

All protein supplements should be used to supplement a well-rounded, healthy diet. Not all protein supplements provide the same nutrition, so we always recommend consulting with your health care practitioner prior to choosing a supplement to ensure your unique dietary requirements are met.

Easiest way to add extra protein in your day

Many of us struggle to get enough daily protein in despite daily efforts to incorporate multiple protein sources from whole foods! Tasteless Protein takes the stress out of not being able to achieve your daily protein targets as it can be easily introduced into a variety of foods and drinks – from coffee, to yoghurt, to savory mince.

Yep, you read that correctly! The creations are limitless with Tasteless Protein . This is not the same with other protein supplements that may contain whey. Tasteless Protein won’t alter the texture or taste of the food or drink and is commonly cooked and heated! In contrast, whey tends to curdle when heated, leaving a not-so-nice flavour and texture.

Let us inspire you with some of our favourite creations with Tasteless Protein and other Feel Good Protein products here.

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Easy on tummies

It is likely you know someone, or you personally have experienced tummy discomfort when consuming a protein supplement that contains whey or milk proteins – nausea, bloating, flatulence – all the (not so) good stuff! Sensitivity to lactose is very common. We hear all too often from our weight loss surgery (WLS) community that this discomfort can be severe at times as the tummy is still in a recovery process.

Feel Good Protein collagen products such as Tasteless Protein seem to be very well tolerated by the WLS community. We receive a lot of incredible feedback that Feel Good Protein collagen products are palatable and easily digested with little-to-no tummy upset. As Feel Good Protein collagen products are free from dairy, gluten, sugar, and fat, they can be consumed in larger quantities than other protein supplements which provides our community benefit from increased daily protein intake and daily water intake too!

Fast and Easy Absorption

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our body! Tasteless Protein is a hydrolyzed collagen (also known as “collagen peptides”) – collagen peptides are very rapidly absorbed by the body as, unlike other proteins, they are water soluble (dissolve easily in water) and have a molecular structure that the body is familiar with (less breakdown and digestion required!).1, 2

Collagen peptides are considered non-allergenic as their structure is very similar to that of the body’s own natural collagen. Even the most sensitive immune systems may let their guards down with collagen supplements as they do not regard it as a foreign substance.

Great benefits of Collagen

Supplementing with collagen in addition to a healthy, balanced diet may provide us with many health benefits such as:

Collagen protein may commonly be recommended for diabetics (Type II) who benefit from keeping stable blood glucose levels and need extra support to assist with wound healing. 8

Want even more information about the benefits of collagen? We’ve got you. Visit our article to learn about the Top 8 Health Benefits of a Collagen Protein.


from customers supplementing with Tasteless Protein to learn how it has changed their lives

From wound healing, nail and hair strengthening and growth, and overall improved and sustained general wellbeing.

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Feel Good with Feel Good Protein!

No matter your age, gender, physical health, dietary requirements, or personal health goals, it is never too late to begin supplementing with collagen.  

Support your body and start feeling better with our Feel Good Protein collagen range both inside and out. Try Tasteless Protein ,Feel Good Protein water, and even Feel Good Protein Jelly today – we have sample packs available!

Do you know someone who may benefit by adding a scoop of Tasteless Protein into their day?

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Are you currently using Feel Good Protein collagen products? We would love to hear from you! Share your journey and personal experience with Tasteless Protein and how it has changed your own, or a loved one’s life. ❤

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