Unbeatable taste

As the creators of the Protein Water by Protein Perfection, we have been able to advance our existing technology and create this brand new protein water made from collagen. Prepare to be blown away with these refreshing fruity flavours.

Feel Good Water Fresh Lemonade

Fresh Lemonade

Try our signature flavour Fresh Lemonade which goes perfectly on a hot sunny day. Top it off with a slice of lemonade and you’ve got your own icypole in a glass.

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Feel Good Water Wild Raspberry

Wild Raspberry

Wild Raspberry is for those who love the splash of fruit flavours. We have perfected this taste to be a beautiful blend of smooth raspberry without being too sweet.

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Feel Good Water New flavour peach iced tea 40 scoops

Peach Iced Tea

One of our newest flavours to hit the shelf, Peach Iced Tea is a refreshing and exciting new flavour with a great fruity tangy aftertaste, amazing when chilled.

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Feel Good Water New flavour passionfruit 40 scoops


If you have a low tolerance for sweetness and anything flavoured, Passionfruit is our lightest flavour yet with a hint of fruity flavours and sweetness to taste.

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The importance of collagen

Collagen makes up approximately 30% of total protein in our bodies and is the second most abundant substance behind water. Unfortunately, natural collagen production in our bodies drastically slows down past the age of 30-40 and needs to be supplemented through our diet to keep our bodies revitalised. Click to find out more.

We’ve developed our protein water for you

As makers of leading Protein Water – Protein Perfection which is made out of 18 amino acids, we’ve expanded our range to release our new protein water made from collagen.

We’ve listened to our customers and we’ve created a brand new taste that is more refreshing and delicious than ever! With reduced sweetness, you’ll be able to enjoy these smooth summer flavours all day.

Our Protein Water products can be enjoyed by all! If you have a specific health or fitness goal in mind, Feel Good Protein can help aid in increasing your daily protein and water intake whilst enjoying all the benefits of a collagen supplement.

We are best known in the Weight Loss Surgery industry as our signature products help aid daily intake and nutritional goals. Our products have been specifically flavoured to suit the needs through extensive testing with patients of WLS and our customers, to ensure we are delivering optimal products.

Feel Good Protein Water Samples Wild Raspberry and Fresh Lemonade