What is the new Feel Good Protein Water?

Feel Good Protein Water is a newly developed product dedicated to weight loss surgery members to supplement protein intake after surgery. Created with the help of many WLS members across Australia and partnered dietitians, Feel Good Protein is the best protein product for anyone who has had bariatric surgery. Nutritionally, Feel Good Protein Water delivers 15g of high-quality collagen protein per serving.

Feel Good Protein is perfect for any weight loss surgery members for 2 main reasons: ingredient and taste. We source the highest-grade collagen from Germany. The unique collagen sourced is a partially broken-down form of collagen protein known as collagen peptides, similar to the technology used in Protein Perfection. The partial breakdown of the protein allows for easier mixing and much greater absorption by our bodies.

In terms of taste, we have achieved a breakthrough! Feel Good Protein Water is so tasty it makes you look forward to your protein drink. We wanted to revolutionise the way WLS members consume protein, as an enjoyable experience rather than a task. Feel Good Protein absolutely achieves this vision, and we believe you should try it for yourself!

The main difference between Protein Perfection and Feel Good Protein waters is the protein used. Both are designed to suit the taste and textural preferences of those who have undergone weight loss surgery procedures.

Protein Perfection is a blend of 18 plant-based, free form amino acids and has a slightly sweeter taste profile.

Feel Good Protein water is made using 100% bovine collagen protein – it is the best tasting protein water available! It was developed upon the feedback received from users of the Protein Perfection waters and it has a slightly reduced sweetness to the previous protein water range. 

Both Feel Good Protein and Protein Perfection provide around 15g of protein per serve (2 scoops) and are easily digested.

Protein Perfection is a blend of 18 individual plant-based, essential and branched-chain amino acids. It is designed to help supplement the dietary needs of those looking to increase their protein and water intake. It is especially designed to suit the taste and textural preferences of those who have undergone a weight loss surgery procedure.

Our recommended Feel Good Shake meal plan is based off a 1200 calorie daily intake. For a detailed recommended breakdown, please click here.

Collagen protein is found widely in our bodies. It is a fibrous protein providing our bodies with strength, flexibility and structural integrity. Simply put, collagen protein shines when it comes to firm skin, healthy hair and nails, strong bones and joints as well as improving healthy gut functions. Discover the wide range of health benefits here.

Simply put, amino acids make up protein, and protein is critical for the normal functioning of the human body. Of the amino acids, there are 9 which the human body does not naturally produce. These are known as “Essential Amino Acids” (EAA) and is normally derived from our diet.

Often, there is a misconception that protein is only suitable for bodybuilders. This is not true. Protein is essential for the human body, and here’s 4 essential health reasons:

– Protein is a component of every cell in your body; hair and nails are made almost entirely of protein

– Your body needs it to repair tissue

– Your body needs it to produce enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals

– Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood

Unlike carbohydrates and fat, the body does not store excess protein. It has no reservoir to draw from when it’s running low. Therefore, a steady intake of protein day to day is vital.

Protein is naturally found in many food items, but it can be a challenge to eat a variety of protein rich foods every day. This is especially true for WLS patients as many things become hard to stomach. Protein Perfection is designed with the help of many WLS patients over an extensive period of trialling to ensure the taste and texture is the most suited to their needs. This is due to the shift of food preference after WLS, whereby many food items become hard to eat. Even drinking plain water can be a challenge, as it may feel too “heavy” or “bloaty”. Protein Perfection is therefore designed to mix easily into normal water to achieve a taste and consistency of light cordial. It is easy to prepare, drink and even helps with water intake.

This would depend on the needs of the individual, and independent advice should be seeked from a qualified dietitian. However, for a regular post-operation person, dietitians usually recommend a good protein intake of 60g-80g a day. We recommend that you aim to achieve at least half of your daily protein intake from food sources, so that the other half may be achieved through dietary supplements. To achieve a standard of 15.66g-32.32g of protein from Protein Perfection/Feel Good Protein, usually 2 and up to 4 scoops should be used.

Whey Protein (dairy by-product) takes time for the body to digest and can lose a notable amount of its protein properties during the digestion period. This simply means that only a portion of protein will be utilised by the body. The digestion period typically ranges between 30 minutes – 3 hours depending on the type of whey protein chosen.

Protein Perfection is superior to Whey Protein as a result from the ingredients sourced to build the protein block within the product. The protein is comprised of amino acids which have been “instantized”, resulting in almost immediate absorption into the body without any digestion time or wastage. This results in a very high bio-availability rating of over 95% into the system, all whilst having minimal impact to the digestive system.

Feel Good Protein uses collagen protein, which on top of offering superior digestibility, also presents numerous health benefits, many of which are especially helpful for any WLS patient! You can find out more by clicking here.

Marine collagen and bovine collagen constitute most of dietary collagen products. Marine collagen does offer some benefits, such as potentially superior digestibility due to smaller peptides. However, marine collagen is known to have several potential downfalls, including bad fishy aftertaste, high levels of calcium as well as being more prone for allergies. All in all, there is not a specifically “better” collagen, but is rather determined by the quality of the collagen.

We made sure to keep a close eye on quality by importing high grade collagen peptides from Germany, and not from large marketplaces such as China where inferior quality ingredients may be found. Using highest quality collagen, we are able to provide a highly absorptive collagen product with no aftertaste nor allergy problems.

Protein Perfection does not contain any harmful ingredients. Aside from the amino acid blend, it also uses standard flavouring, sucralose and citric acid for the flavours. Sucralose (955), this is a registered safe sweetener by the FSANZ (Food Standard Australia New Zealand). The FSANZ set an acceptable daily intake (ADI) for sucralose as 15mg/kg of body weight. This means a person weighing 100kg can consume 1500mg of sucralose safely each day. This amount of sucralose would be equivalent to 10 serves (20 scoops) of Protein Perfection a day.

There are no harmful ingredients in Protein Perfection or Feel Good Protein. However when it comes to dietary supplements, we always recommend seeking professional advice from your general health practitioner to ensure that these products are suitable for you.

Generally, Protein Perfection and Feel Good Protein is suitable for all, and contain no allergens other than phenylalanine as these are products rich in amino acids. Feel Good Protein is made using bovine collagen, which is an animal product. However Protein Perfection is a great vegetarian friendly alternative made with naturally fermented plant-based amino acids.

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