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Product Description

Product Name: Endura – Max


Brand: Endura


Product Type: Electrolytes & Rehydration



While exercising, crucial nutrients can be lost or depleted. This can lead to muscle cramps and overall fatigue after exercising. If you’re experiencing this, it can mean that you are not getting enough magnesium. Magnesium is a key nutrient involved in many cellular energy pathways. Endura Max will help to restore low levels of magnesium and therefore fight any effects of oxidative damage to muscles. This product also contains high levels of Taurine which increases maximal oxygen consumption which also increases exercise capacity with minimum fatigue.


Key Features

– Contains Magnesium and Taurine

– Fights Muscle Cramps and Fatigue

– Lowers Oxidative Damage to Muscles

– Increases Exercise Capacity



Use 1 (one) teaspoon in 200mL of water twice a day.

Endura - Max 330g (N)