GEN-TEC-Pure-Carbs-4kgGEN-TEC – Pure Carbs 4kg

GEN-TEC – Pure Carbs 4kg

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Product Description

Product Name: GEN-TEC – Pure Carbs


Brand: GEN-TEC


Product Type: Carbohydrates



Pure Carbs contains a medium chain carbohydrate polymer in a high quality form to ensure your body is getting the best. Insulin is produced by the pancreas as a reaction to raised blood sugar levels. Insulin is an anabolic inducing hormone in the body and works by driving nutrients in the blood stream into muscle cells. Pure Carbs uses this to its advantage by inducing an insulin spike. This means your muscles are then surrounding by an anabolic environment and will aid in gaining muscle mass.


This product can also be used in conjunction with Creatine and L-Glutamine to drastically improve the intake of these nutrients and therefore increase the anabolic state of the muscles. This supplement is great for that extra push with muscle building and recovery.


Key Features:

  • Muscle Recovery
  • Lean Muscle Gains
  • Induces Insulin Spike
  • Provides Anabolic Environment
  • Increases Energy Levels


Directions of Use

Use 40g-80g or what suits your dietary requirements with protein and 400ml of water post training.

GEN-TEC - Pure Carbs 4kg