optimum gold standard gainer 4.67kg. nutrition panel PNGOptimum – Gold Standard Gainer 4.67kg (10.29lb)

Optimum – Gold Standard Gainer 4.67kg (10.29lb)

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Product Description

Product Name: Optimum – Gold Standard Gainer

Brand: Optimum Nutrition

Product Type: Protein Powders / Mass Gainers / Post Workout Protein

Mass gainers is all about two things: building and maintaining muscle mass. This is a protein formula that will help you achieve your maximum potential by increasing muscle cell size and strength. It will give you the incredible maximal results you deserve when supplemented with a high calorie diet. This product is also perfect for anyone losing too much muscle from their daily activities and need additional calories to help sustain and improve their body weight. For people with a fast metabolism, this is one of the best products created to help you finally gain some of that muscle and weight you have been seeking.

This mass gainer is a post-workout supplement that contains multi-functional proteins to supply the muscles with amino acids at a sustained rate. It will nourish your muscles and body with BCAA’s, essential and non-essential amino acids, glutamine, fiber, and carbohydrates.


Reach your maximal potential with this new by Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer that is specially designed to help you gain lean muscle. This unique new formula contains the right ingredients with 55g of protein from various protein sources minus the excess unhealthy fats and sugars, to ensure you gain a healthy muscle mass. It also supplies your body with digestive enzymes, medium chain triglycerides, vitamins, minerals, and complex carbs.

Containing pure whey protein, this product ensures your muscles are provided with high quality amino acids for muscle recovery, and that the protein is easily absorbed by the body. The healthy carbs and fat inside this product provide your body with the right energy for your muscles to prevent the breakdown of protein as energy.

Key Features:

-weight gain

-muscle mass gain

-muscle recovery

A Preview of Ingredients:

-55 Grams of Protein – Derived mostly from high quality whey Isolate sources

-760 Calories from only the best quality ingredients ( as always by Optimum Nutrition )

-2:1 Carbohydrates to Proteins ratio

-110 Grams of Carbs derived from Oats , Peas & Potatoes

-11 Grams of high quality fats extracted from Flaxseed, Chia and MCTs

-Mixes easy and has a smooth consistency just like we know a Optimum Nutrition product would


Directions of Use:

Mix 1 (one) or two (2) scoops with 300mL – 1000mL of water and consume immediately after completing your workout (post-workout) Can be taken as a meal replacement for breakfast and or whenever extra calories and protein are needed throughout the day.