GEN-TEC – Tyrosine 150g – Nutritional PanelGEN-TEC – Tyrosine 150g

GEN-TEC – Tyrosine 150g

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Product Description

Product Name: GEN-TEC – Tyrosine 150g

Brand: GEN-TEC


GEN-TEC Tyrosine is a 100% pure pharmaceutical grade L-Tyrosine powder that helps enhance cognitive function and boosts concentration levels. L-Tyrosine may also help with thyroid and metabolism function. Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that can help improve focus, energy and motivation when there are stressful situations or during prolonged exercise. Increase your alertness with GEN-TEC Tyrosine!

Key Features:

-Improves mental focus

-Increases alertness

-Enhances overall mood

-Assists with thyroid and metabolism

Directions of use:

Manufacturer recommends to mix 400mg of L-Tyrosine in water and consume 20 minutes before exercise or during periods of prolonged concentration.


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