Range Rover Giveaway Winner

Range Rover Giveaway winners

2022 has been an incredible year for us here at Cost Price Supplements. We celebrated 10 years of being in business with a huge rebrand and have reached over 130,000+ happy customers. This is a huge milestone for us and thought it deserved something special for our beloved community!

Over the last 3 months we have run our BIGGEST promotion ever by giving away a Range Rover Evoque to one lucky winner.

The giveaway competition started in September and lasted until December 2022 and saw a great deal of participation and positive feedback with tens of thousands of entries!

The live raffle draw held at our warehouse on Friday 16th December was a huge success. The event was witnessed by our scrutineer, Mitch who drew the winner!

Chris filming the Giveaway
Cost Price Supplements Giveaway
Draw scrutineer
Chris and Shanon with the winning ticket

One lucky Queensland family got to experience the feeling of winning a brand car this week. The Cost Price Supplements team had the pleasure of meeting with Victoria and her lovely family, the winners of the Range Rover Evoque!  

“Wow, this is really life-changing! I’ve never won anything before,” Victoria told us.

Victoria and her family
Winners with the car

They are very excited to be the winners and we are so thankful to have them support Cost Price Supplements.

We are beyond thankful to everyone who eagerly participated the giveaway and helped make it a success. We couldn’t have done it without your continued support.

Winner – V.Meyers – QLD