Protein Bubble Tea

Protein Bubble Tea with Tasteless Protein and Lemonade Protein Water

There isn’t an exact science to the art of tea making!

But when it comes to tea, you can adore the full, immersive experience of the taste and scent to transport yourself away to memories of happy holidays and childhood tea parties! 

Add in tapioca bubbles and it all takes on a rather magical quality especially considering that we can have it with very few calories when we make it ourselves and it really isn’t even that difficult!


2 Tea bags
1 litre boiling water
1 scoop Fresh Lemonade Feel Good Protein Water
2 Scoops Tasteless Protein Powder
½ cup Tapioca pearls dry


Steep your tea to the desired strength for you. 

Add in Tasteless Protein powder – as much as you would like to add.

Add in one scoop of Lemon Feel Good Protein Water for every litre of water and allow to cool! While this is happening prepare your tapioca pearls!

Follow the instructions on your packet for the best results! 

I boiled ½ a cup of dry pearls for 40 minutes and let them sit for another 20. 

This was a great amount of time for my tea to chill in the fridge.

Add pearls to glass and then protein tea to the glass and enjoy!!

Bubble tea ingredients
Protein Bubble tea in glasses
Top of bubble tea glasses