Air Fryer Protein Cruskits

Air fryer cruskits

Tasteless Protein is so versatile that you can even add it to your favourite pizza sauce!

In this recipe, you can see how you can make a healthy alternative with Cruskit bases in the air fryer.


1 slice smoked turkey
2 Cruskits
Orange and Red Grape Tomatoes
Goat Cheese
Grated Cheddar
BBQ sauce
Tasteless Protein Powder by Feel Good Protein


Combine BBQ sauce with Tasteless Protein Powder and mix until all combined.
Top Cruskits with sauce mixture.
Add your favourite yummy toppings.
Cook in the air fryer for 3-4 minutes on 180 or longer depending on how you like your cheese to be!

Air fryer cruskits ingredients
Cook cruskits in the air fryer
Healthy alternative to pizza
Baked Pizza Cruskits!