Bunny Protein Gummies

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Hop onto our adorable Bunny Protein Gummies recipe for an Easter snack that the kids and adults will go crazy for. It’s a fun little recipe that is so easy to create, packed full of protein and more importantly, tastes phenomenal! You can even add a fun twist by coating the bunny gummies in melted chocolate at the end if that’s something you’d like to try!


1 sachet of Protein Jelly by Feel Good Protein (any flavour)
1.5 tablespoons of gelatine
350 ml boiling water

50 g Noshu Choc Chips
1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Equipment (Optional):
Electric Whisk Hand Mixer by Cost Price Supplements
Bunny Mould from Spotlight (Or your choice of silicon mould)


1. Start by placing 1.5 tablespoons of gelatine into a jug along with the Protein Jelly sachet (40g).

2. Next, add in 350ml of boiling water into the jug.

3. Using the electric whisk, give it a good mix to blend everything together.

4. Allow any foam to settle on the top. You can scoop off the foam or let it dissolve naturally.

5. Spray the mould with cooking spray to allow the gummies to pop out easily once they are set!

6. Pour the mixture into the bunny mould. Note: The amount of mixture was just right for the bunny mould purchased from Spotlight.

7. Pop the mould into the fridge to set.

If desired, for an extra touch of deliciousness:

8. Melt 50g Noshu Choc Chips with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

9. Once your bunny gummies are set, dip them into this melted chocolate.

10. Put the Bunny Protein Gummies back into the fridge to cool the chocolate before you serve.


The recipe makes 6 bunny gummies. Macros per bunny:

Protein – 8 g
Carbs – 1 g
Fat – 5 g
Calories – 93

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