Chicken Meatball Mozza Pots

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Try our protein-packed, home-made version of Chicken Meatball Mozza Pots! Served in cute little jars, these chicken meatballs are seriously mouthwatering and super nutritious – no doubt can fuel you for hours. Prepare this in large quantities so lunch or dinner for the family the next few days are sorted.


500 grams chicken mince
1 tbsp Pimp My Salad Nutritional Yeast
1 tsp BBQ Mingle Seasoning
4 Scoops Tasteless Protein by Feel Good Protein
1 handful of fresh herbs finely chopped
1 tsp onion powder
½ cup almond flour
1 tsp sage
1 egg


1 tin chopped tomatoes
1/4 a red onion
1 teaspoon mixed herbs
1 teaspoon brown sugar substitute
Chicken salt and pepper to taste

Grated mozzarella cheese for topping


Pre-heat oven or air fryer to 180C (these meatballs can also be cooked in the pan)

Mix together the chicken mince, nutritional yeast, Tasteless Protein, herbs, onion powder, BBQ Mingle seasoning, ground sage, almond flour and one egg. Keep mixing until it is all well combined. The mixture comes together very easily.

Roll mixture into teaspoon sized balls, this mixture made approximately 26.

Then, place on a lined baking sheet and cook in the air fryer on 200 for 15 minutes, or in a pan on the stove until browned on both sides.

To create the sauce, mix 1 tin of finely chopped tomatoes, ¼ of a red onion, 1 teaspoon of mixed herbs, 1 teaspoon brown sugar substitute and salt and pepper.


To assemble your Chicken Meatball Mozza Pots, we used both 120 ml and 300 ml jars from Kmart.  Place 2 or 3 meat balls in the smaller jars and 4 or 5 meat balls into the 300 ml jars.  Top with sauce and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese. 

Return to jars to the oven or air fryer to grill for a few minutes and then they are ready to serve!

Eat immediately or put their lids on and have for lunch the next day!


Macros per meat ball with sauce and cheese included as estimates.

Nutrition in 1 serving (44g)
Calories: 65
Carbs: 1g
Protein: 8g
Fat: 3g

Ingredients for Chicken
Ingredients for Sauce
Before They are Mixed
Tasteless Protein Used
Chicken Meatball Mozza Pots Yum
Tasteless Protein and Chicken Meatball Mozza Pots
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Chicken Meatball Digged Out
Chicken Meatball Mozza Pots and Tasteless Protein