Chocolate Raspberry Overnight Protein Oats

We know how busy life gets during the week. Why not try this hassle-free choc-raspberry overnight protein oats for a quick and nutritious breakfast? This yummy recipe takes less than 5 minutes to prepare with no cooking involved!


1 cup Rolled Oats
1 tablespoon Chia Seeds
3 scoops Tasteless Protein
1 Scoop Raspberry Protein Water
2 tbsp non sweetened Coco Powder
1 cup of your favourite milk (we used almond)
½ cup Greek Yoghurt
¼ cup Noshu Dark Choc Chips
¼ cup Sugar free Maple Syrup
½ cup Noshu White Choc Chips
1 tbsp Coconut Oil


Add all of the ingredients to a large bowl except the White Noshu Choc Chips and the Coconut oil.

Mix until everything is very well combined and divide it into your chosen containers.

Top the overnight oats with a melted mixture of White Chocolate Noshu and Coconut oil and refrigerate for at least 5 hours but preferably overnight.

Enjoy topped with berries!


Per portion with the whole amount making 4 portions
Calories 242
Fat 11 grams
Carbs 19 grams
Protein 19 grams