Eyeball Jelly Cups

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Take that spooky vibe up a notch this Halloween with these Eyeball Jelly Cups. These jelly cups are super easy to prepare and pack such a wonderful protein punch, perfect to treat (and trick) your friends and families with. Pair these with our Brain Protein Gummies and get the party startled… we mean, started!

Ingredients for Eyeball Jelly Cups

1 Wild Raspberry Feel Good Jelly sachet by Feel Good Protein
1 Teaspoon of Edible Gelatine per packet of Feel Good Jelly
Plastic eyeballs


  1. Firstly, use 1 Feel Good Protein Jelly Wild Raspberry sachet into a bowl and add 460ml of boiling water.
  2. Next, add 1 optional teaspoon of edible gelatine, so the jelly firm enough for the eyeballs to sit nicely in.
  3. Then, stir well until all powder is fully dissolved.
  4. Refrigerate until firm and wobbly – a minimum of 4 hours is required. Makes 460g of Jelly. Enjoy your Eyeball Jelly Cups


Carbs – 3g
Protein – 35g
Fat – less than 1g

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