Feel Good Protein Jelly in 2 Minutes

Feel Good Protein Jelly

Enjoy this amazing fluffy, fruity flavoured Protein Jelly as a delicious treat at any time of the day to help you increase your protein intake. 


1 sachet Feel Good Jelly
100 mls Boiling Water
100 mls Cold Water or Milk
Ice Cubes (6 to 8)


Pour your boiling water into bullet blender
Add Feel Good Jelly Sachet
Mix until the Jelly crystals are dissolved
Add cold water/milk
Add 6-8 ice cubes
Blend for 30 seconds
Wait 1 minute and the mixture thickens and is able to be eaten straight away.

Fluffy, Feel Good Protein Jelly in lemon and lime flavour.
Feel Good Protein Jelly in Wild Raspberry and Lemon Lime flavours.