Layered Veggie Protein Slice

Layered Vegie Protein Slice

This recipe creates a beautiful healthy veggie slice that the whole family will love!


Pumpkin – ¼ roasted until just soft.
2 cups spinach
250 grams sundried tomatoes
60 grams goats cheese
½ cup mozzarella
14 eggs
6 scoops Tasteless Protein by Feel Good Protein
Salt & Pepper
Fresh Chives


Pre – line a brownie pan with baking paper
Mix 14 eggs and Tasteless Protein Powder into a bowl and allow to sit to the side while preparing the layers of the slice.
Place Pre-Roasted Pumpkin on the bottom layer of the lined pan
Place a layer of spinach
Place a layer of sundried tomatoes
Crumble goats cheese over the top
Pour egg and Tasteless mixture over the top of the veggies and cheese.
Top with Mozzarella, chives, salt and pepper
Bake in a 160 degree oven for 50 minutes checking it periodically.
Allow to cool in the oven to achieve gorgeous golden goodness and for slice to be beautifully set.

Layered Vegie Protein Slice Ingredients
Layered Vegie Protein Slice
Protein Vegie Quiche
Protein Vegie Slice
Quiche served for the family
Layered Vegie Protein Slice