Our Ongoing Support for TLC for Kids

Chris and Tim from TLC for Kids

In our ongoing commitment to giving back, we’re proud to say that this is the second year we’ve supported the incredible work of TLC for Kids. This year Cost Price Supplements has donated $5,000 and 25 bags of our new Tasteless Protein for Kids to support their charitable endeavours.

TLC for Kids is Australia’s leading children’s Charity,  providing care to sick children and supporting their families during challenging times. TLC for Kids provides individualised practical and emotional support to families in need, through a range of diverse products and services, such as:

  • TLC Distraction Box
  • Tap 2 Distract
  • RAPID TLC, and
  • TLC Ambulance

As the ongoing mission for the charity is to put smiles back on the faces of sick children and their families, we believe that it is important to help those within the community as best as we can to achieve this.

With a genuine admiration for those providing community focused charitable services and support for children in need, Christopher Luong, Cost Price Supplements founder, has always believed that every child deserves opportunities in life to make something for themselves, no matter their situation. The services offered by TLC for Kids, which profoundly impact the lives of sick children, stand as an inspirational model for us.

Through building our relationship with TLC for Kids, we discovered there was an opportunity for us to support kids and their families through our products. In addition to our $5,000 donation, we have donated some of our new product, Tasteless Protein for Kids by Feel Good Protein to TLC for Kids. Made for Kids, our new Tasteless Protein aims to support children in reaching their nutritional requirements, without sacrificing taste.

Tim Conolan, the CEO of TLC for Kids, has provided us with an update of the progress of the charity. With the ongoing support from their greater community, TLC for Kids has been able to develop the digital tool ‘Tap to Distract’ app, which helps those with pain management during treatments and coping mechanisms for stressful situations. TLC for Kids developed this digital tool after the success and effective usage of the TLC Distraction Box in hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. With this app, individuals can conveniently and instantly access various strategies to alleviate anxiety, discomfort, help keep focus, and improve well being during challenging times or everyday life through handheld devices.  

With these donations, we hope that more children & families receive the care they need through TLC for Kids services. On behalf of everyone at Cost Price Supplements, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible community for helping us achieve this significant milestone in our mission to support a charity like TLC for Kids. Your support has made all the difference, and we couldn’t have done it without you!