Philadelphia Cream Cheese Protein Board

Philadelphia cream cheese protein board with Tasteless Protein

After seeing the viral TikTok Butter board trend we realised that we could do similar with lite cream cheese! We have fallen in love with this creamy deliciousness and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. This is also a fantastic way to eat as much or little as you like without drawing attention to portion sizes! What a win! Try this Philadelphia Cream Cheese Protein board today.


2 Packages Lite Cream Cheese
4 Scoops of Tasteless Protein
3 Tablespoons Ginger Jam
Sugar Free Maple Syrup to taste


To a large bowl add all of the ingredients and mix well until everything is combined.

Assemble your board by taking spoons of the mixture, placing them on the board and then dragging the spoon lightly over it.

Repeat this process until you have used up all of the mixture and it is pleasing to your eyes. There is no right or wrong in this process.

Top your board with flavour combinations that you enjoy! We have used sage leaves and mandarin segments, then drizzled Sugar Free Maple Syrup over the top.

To scoop up all of this deliciousness we went with a mixture of croutons, crackers, mini cucumbers, mini capsicums and other little bites of deliciousness.


Per 50 gram serving (cream cheese mixture only) 100 Calories
CARBS 3 grams
PROTEIN 8 grams
FAT 6 grams

Philadelphia cream cheese protein board ingredients
cream cheese
Cream cheese with Tasteless Protein
Philadelphia cream cheese protein board with Tasteless Protein