Savoury Protein Croissants

Enjoy these tasty, macro-friendly Savoury Protein Croissants for breakfast, lunch or as a quick, on the go snack! This recipe is boosted with Tasteless Protein to help you hit those important protein intake goals.


2 sheets golden puff pastry
½ cup passata sauce
4 scoops Tasteless Protein
½ cup Grated Cheese
Seasoning to your taste
1 egg


Pre heat oven to 200 degrees C.

Add passata sauce and Tasteless Protein to a bowl and combine.

Place one sheet of puff pastry on a lined baking sheet.

Add passata sauce, seasoning and cheese to the top of the pastry sheet.

Once the sheet is fully and evenly coated, top it with another sheet of pastry.

In a bowl, whisk one egg.

Cut the puff pastry into long triangles and then roll up, from the widest section to the smallest section.

Place each little croissant onto the baking sheet and wash with egg wash.

Bake in the oven for at least 20 minutes or until your level of golden deliciousness is achieved.


Nutrition in 1 serving 97 grams, 275 calories
Carbs 25 grams
Protein 16 grams
Fat 12 grams