Raspberry Rice Cake Snacks

Raspberry Rice Cake Snacks with Tasteless Protein

These are probably one of the easiest and yummiest snacks that you can make quickly! They pack a protein punch and are totally worth making either as a snack or as dessert. We love them and we know that you will too!


1 Rice Cake
2 teaspoons of Powdered Peanut Butter (in this recipe we have used Macro Mike’s, but you can also try PPB)
1 Scoop Tasteless Protein
1 Tablespoon No Nasties Hazelnut Spread
1 Teaspoon Coconut oil
6 or 7 frozen Raspberries


Mix together your powdered peanut butter (or natural peanut butter) with 1 Scoop of Tasteless Protein and enough water to make a paste and then spread this onto the top of your rice cake.

Add frozen raspberries to the top of the rice cake that has been covered with peanut and protein powder.

Top all of this with melted hazelnut spread that has been melted and has some melted coconut oil mixed in with it.

Allow this to set in the freezer for 1 hour.

Remove and enjoy! You will want to make more than one – they are DELICIOUS.


Calories 238
Carbs 19 grams
Protein 16 grams
Fat 11 grams

Raspberry Rice Cake Ingredients
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