Banana Sushi with Protein

Protein Banana Sushi with Tasteless Protein

This Banana Sushi made with Protein is perfect for lunch boxes, as a snack, lunch or dessert! We are in love with the flavours of “Everything Bagel” too!


2 Bananas
2 Scoops of Tasteless Protein
1 Spinach Tortilla
2 Tbsp Pistachio Butter
2 TBSP PPB Powder
Enough water to achieve the desired consistency in the nut butters.
Everything Bagel Blend


Cut spinach wrap to size and spread with Pistachio butter that has a scoop of Tasteless Protein by Feel Good Protein , mixed into it.

Place banana on the edge of the wrap and roll up.

Cut wrap into small slices and sprinkle with Everything Bagel.

Cut other banana into 4 pieces.

Mix PPB powder and Tasteless Protein Powder together with enough water to make a spread.

Skewer the banana and then coat in the peanut butter mixture.

Top with Everything Bagel and place into lunch boxes or onto platter and serve.


per 56grams
Calories 101
Fat 3.2 grams
Carbs 14.2 grams
Protein 8.2 grams

Ingredients for Banana Sushi
Banana Sushi in a lunch box