Sleeptime Protein Gummies

Our incredible sleep time formula is a passion project straight from our hearts to our wonderful customers.  We know that sleep can be elusive which is why Sleeptime was created.  We know that not everyone wants to drink prior to sleeping so for those of us that enjoy gummies, we hope you will love this recipe!


½ cup boiling water
7.5 grams Raspberry Protein Jelly
2 Scoops Tasteless Protein
1 Scoop Sleeptime formula
1 tablespoon edible gelatine
¼ cup vanilla yoghurt


Combine all powders into a jug that you can pour from.

Pour ½ cup of boiling water over the top and whisk until everything is totally combined and all of the gelatine is dissolved.

Pour vanilla yoghurt in to the mixture and whisk until it is smooth.

At this point your mixture is ready for your moulds or you can pour it into a tray and cut it into pieces.

We hope you enjoy!


For whole recipe
Calories 184
Carbs 3 grams
Protein 43 grams
Fat <1 gram