Tasteless Whey Noshu Pancakes

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Consider your breakfast sorted with our Tasteless Whey Noshu Pancakes. This pancake recipe is a delicious and easy-option breakfast that doesn’t take long to prepare but is still packed with protein to fuel up your body throughout the day. Here, we used melted peanut butter, maple syrup and strawberries as the toppings, but feel free to change them up to suit your liking.


Noshu 99% Sugar Free Low Carb Pancake Mix 240g
1 tbsp Butter
1 Cup Water
2 Scoops Tasteless Whey by Feel Good Protein


1. First of all, place 1 cup of water and 2 scoops of Tasteless Whey by Feel Good Protein into a jug. 

2. Mix the whey protein with a powered milk frother or similar to ensure that the Tasteless Whey powder is fully dissolved into the water.

3. Then, melt 1 tablespoon of butter.

4. Next, tip the Noshu pancake mix into a bowl and pour the melted butter into the mixture.

5. Add in the Tasteless Whey powder that’s been dissolved in the water and mix until you achieve a runny but still quite thick batter.

6. We cooked our pancakes on a non-stick fry-pan.

Note: Flip your pancakes when the surface of the pancake is covered in tiny bubbles.  Best keep it on low heat to give the pancakes enough time to cook evenly without burning.

7. Finally, plate the pancakes and top with your favourite toppings.  We used melted peanut butter, no sugar maple syrup and fresh strawberries!  Enjoy the delicious Tasteless Whey Noshu Pancakes.

Macros (excl. toppings)

Depending on the size of the pancakes but for ours, each pancake has:

Calories – 46
Carbs – 7g
Protein – 3g
Fat – 2g

Ingredients for Tasteless Whey Noshu Pancakes
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Strawberries as the Topping
Tasteless Whey Pouch and Noshu Pancakes
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